My experience at RubyConf Brasil, 2014

I have shared my experience of speaking at RubyConf, Brasil 2014.

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This was my first time attending Rubyconf Brasil and it is one of the best experience I have ever had at a conference. The conference for the speakers started a day early. There was a barbecue party arranged at the Codeminer HQ. It was a good idea since a lot of speakers were not from Brasil, so it made it easy to get to know a few people. Moving onto the venue for the conference. It was at the Frei Caneca Theatre. It is a 16 floor building which has a theatre for the conferences, a shopping mail, many restaurants, corporate office and a lot more which I could not explore. The conference was at the 5th and the 6th floor. Here is a picture of the theatre.


People started coming in around 8:00 am and by 8:15, it was jam-packed. A 1000 people attended the conference. It started with

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