Rumbling at RailsRumble, 2014.

RailsRumble. (

It is a 48 hour hackathon where you have to build any web application using ruby based web framework. It was my second time participating in this event. This years RailsRumble was very difficult for me. Because this time I was working alone, not part of any team as I was not in Pune at JoshSoftware’s office but in Chicago. So I decided I might as well try working alone.

A couple of weeks before the event I had decided that I will work on ‘RubyInSense’. The main purpose of this application would be to provide ruby developers the platform to solve tricky ruby problems in ways that could surprise even the experts.

Here is the link to application:
Here is the entry in railsrumble:

This is the photo of RubyInSense mascot


Things I have learned at RailsRumble this year:

1. Working alone is very very difficult. It is always better to work in a team. It was 4 o’clock in the morning when the thought of quitting came to my mind. Although I did not. I saw light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

2. Learned a couple of card tricks. Even though it was a 48 hour event, you just cannot work for 48 hours. You still need time to sleep, eat and relax. I usually watch some television show or a movie to relax, but they are very time consuming. I could not afford to watch television. So I learned a couple of card tricks which is much more fun and it gives my eyes time relax as I do not have to look at another screen.

3. Do not try to do it all. As I was working alone, I had to take some calls on reducing the scope of the application. I had to remove some ideas for ex: adding comments to question and answers, user profile page, from the application. So even before the event started, I had chalked out a plan as how shall I complete within the 48 hours. But what I did not thought was the time I will spend in completing the documentation, setting heroku, github, and there are always bugs of “it-worked-on-my-local” kind, so I needed to go through the logs. All these when added up takes time.

4. Eating Melons helps you concentrate. Whenever I was stuck at any point of this event, I tried eating Melons and it worked wonders for me. At one point, I just could not figure out why the modal pop-up has stopped working all of a sudden. I had spent good half-an-hour on this problem. My sister suggested me to eat some Melons and as soon as I looked at the assets, I realised that I have 2 different copies of bootstrap.js. Some people drink coffee to stay awake and to help concentrate, I eat Melons. Here is the proof that I am not lying and I ate this whole bowl of Melons just to get my brain working.  melons

What RubyInSense also offers:

1. Browse questions added by other users
2. Add Questions – It allows you to add questions and challenge your fellow rubyists to solve.
3. Add Answers – It allows you to browse all the questions and add answers to those.
4. Learn – It also gives you the chance to look at the solutions added by other users.

Whats the roadmap for the future:

1. Allow the user to add comments to questions and answers.
2. Open the registration process for the users. It is not accessible right now as to make it easier for everyone to judge the entry.
3. Add User profile page.
4. Add test cases.
and a lot more….  I plan to open-source the whole project. So I will add all these points to issues page. If any one wants to look up for the project on Github, I will create a new repo after a few days under ‘rishijain’ and name most likely be ‘rubyinsense_v2’. I will update the link here anyways.

Here is the link to see all the entries:
Here is the ‘RubyInSense’ in railsrumble:

I already hope to participate in RailsRumble next year also.


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