My New Year Resolutions in November.

It is just November. And I want to make my new year resolutions today. And I do not want to wait for new years to do things I want to do. And I want to stick to them. So here goes:

1. Understand computer networks.
2. Stick to one side-project.
3. Do more open-source contributions.
4. Read at least 4 books and at max 6 books(has to be non-technincal) until my next birthday (i.e Nov 15, 2015).

I will spend the next few days to research about the best books to read for understanding computer networks. I will also find out the first book(1st of the 4) which I want to start with. And will also decide on a side project. I already have an idea, I just have to find out if it will really solve a problem. Lets just say it is in stealth mode.
And for open-source contributions, I already know few projects I want to contribute to.
If you have any suggestions for books to read, please mention them in comments. I will be grateful.

This all sounds too much to pull-off, but if I could, it will turn out to be an awesome year.


12 thoughts on “My New Year Resolutions in November.

  1. @Rishi : Hello ! Would you like to share which Computer Networks books you find worth reading ?
    I too want to read something to build a concrete knowledge about the subject.
    Also, I liked the way you blog.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Akshay.. glad that you liked it. Honestly, I have not yet started reading any one yet. Though my friends suggested Computer Networks by Tanenbaum. Let me know if you find some other books on the same.

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