Recap of 2014

As I am writing this, MS Dhoni fans all over are still recovering from his sudden but timely announcement from test cricket. It has not been good few years for MS test cricket wise. But 2014 has been kind to me if not the best ever.

On professional front, I have spoken at 4 conferences. These conferences took me to Goa, Pune, Sau Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Chicago and San Francisco. I almost made it to Argentina also, but only the sloppiness of the conference organisers stopped that from happening. But never the less, it is a decent start for someone who has never spoken at conference before. I truly realised the value of open source software. My work involves around open source, but I never appreciated the efforts of all those developers so much before. I do now. And not only this, I made it to the list of Rails contributors. I have also contributed to few other projects. And it was not just about work at office. We have had some fun moments here. Also, not a big deal, but I am the FIFA champion until the next tournament happens at Josh(yeahh… I have the bragging rights until then).


On personal front, It has been full of ups and downs. I got a chance to stay with my sister for almost 2 months. That was the most special moment for me in 2014. We have not lived that long together for almost 8 years. Also had super fun with my brother-in-law. All of these made my parents really happy. I must admit, I had never thought highly of Chicago. But I like Chicago now, though San Francisco is still my favourite.


As a child I always wanted to see the Golden Gate. I went to San Francisco this year. So there was no way I could have missed the golden opportunity. And I was so amazed by the beauty of it that I spent good 3-4 hours there.


So all in all, 2014 was a good year. Travelled, made some friends along the way. But there is a lot that I am looking forward to in 2015. Looking forward to a new special member joining the family, sticking to my new year resolutions, and a very successful year for India.

A very Happy New Year to everyone 🙂



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