Mother’s day

Its 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon and I have already tried calling my mother twice on her phone. First her phone is switched off. Tried after half an hour, she is now out of coverage area.

I called up my father. I ask him if she is around. He says yes, but she can’t talk right now. And she will call me later. He asks me if all is ok? I said yes, I just called casually.

And all this has happened and it was not even 12 o’clock then.

Now as I am writing this, I re read it and it sounds to me like I am trying to describe how my mother does not have time to talk to her son on Mother’s day. I do have a penchant to make things unnecessarily dramatic.

But, a big NO, I am not trying do that.

Instead I am in complete awe of my mother. Actually of both my parents. But since it is Mother’s day, I will focus on her.

Ever since I have matured a bit i.e started paying attention to things she does in her day to day life. I have realised that she gets so much work done on a daily basis. While I change the bed sheets and think that a lot has been achieved for the weekend and I should take some rest. So I spend my weekend lying around on my bed on the newly put up bed sheet. While she works 7 days a week to run a family, I, on the other hand work 5 days a week in the comfort of AC when my work also allows to chill in the office i.e playing counter-strike, FIFA, chai-pe-charcha and what not.

And after all the hard work she does, she also has time to meet so many people. I mean I already feel down by the thought of some body coming for tea at home. Not that I don’t like meeting people (I really do ..!!!), I am just lazy. Lazy to take a bath, lazy to smile at people I don’t know or remember meeting when I was little, lazy to answer same questions over and over again. But not my mother. She actually make an effort to meet all these people. She goes to all family functions even if it involves travelling by train, car, bus or combinations of those. And everybody in the family loves meeting my mother too. And why wouldn’t they.

I can keep on writing about the stuff she does. And now that I have finally talked to her. She asks me if I had lunch, its almost 3. And obviously I haven’t. So I would stop writing here and go have lunch because she wants me to.

So, here it is, I am sorry mother for so many countless mistakes I have made. But you and only you could have still loved me the way you did and will do. (remember … I love being dramatic :P)

A very Happy Mother’s day to my mother and to all the mothers.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Reblogged this on Ashokumar29’s Weblog and commented:
    I am sorry to read this post so late ie about 15 days. I think I have inherited laziness which you mentioned above :).I am amazed to read your feelings towards your mother. I happy to see you so sensible and caring towards your parents. I hope you would maintain similar sensibility towards every other individual and appreciate them for their good deeds , help them if they are in need. I am proud to see you growing a perfect human being. Your mother too has yet not seen this blog , I will show her as she returns from temple. God bless you
    Your proud father

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